Sad times 

Today is the day my beloved battle bus (car ) is going to the scrap yard. My car was possibly the most battered smelly tin can around but I loved it. 

I remember the day my husband bought it for me for a Xmas present, he kept moaning saying that someone was parked in his space (didn’t think anything of it there’s always parking wars) and then Xmas morning gave me a nice jewellery box with a key in it!!! Surprise!! Bless him he does good.

So after a while I gained a few scratches and dents apparently driving through lanes you shouldn’t drive in the bush and move over when a car tries to squeeze past nah you stay in the bush everyone can pass.

The best stain from the dogs all down the back seat, pregnant and emotional taking the boys to the mother in laws to look after one throws up all over the seat and the other ones trying to eat it me driving, gagging, crying it was all too much didn’t even make it to work that day. 

The exhaust was in half gear box on the blink and beeped every time you pressed the break. 

So battle bus have fun on your next adventure to the scrappy I hope you enjoy being crushed and in exchange they paid a whopping £22 for you rip xx



A simple start (Yeah right)

Do you ever have those days which just don’t get any better and you wish you never got out of bed.

Morning or was it all night we’ve been up with a teething 20 month old poor fella. Bless them why is they have to go through it they say if us as adults had to do it now we wouldn’t cope too well either hell no those wisdom teeth were brutal. 

So it’s the normal routine bot bots that nappy wrestle, 20 second shower, wearing anything that doesn’t need an iron what a surprise it’s the women in black again. Make the boys lunch that he most probably won’t eat. Make the porridge try not to get everywhere. 

Let the dogs out ( they live in the garden) give greasy stinky chicken foots for breakfast wash hands.

Over the weekend the old man dug my drive up not only is there a massive amount of rubble still remaining not only is there complete mess he also managed to slice through the phone cable to next door so thumbs up dad. So the front is out of use out the back gate we go. 

Bribe the dogs back in their house a crackabread it is today. Hector in the car and the dogs are howling, they’ve found their voice again geez it echoes through the village not something you want to hear before 8 in the morning. So do you ignore and be gone nope you face back to the garden with a massive PACK IT IN BOYS!!!! Grab anti bark collar Ronnie gonna get it he runs and hides job sorted. They are out with the dog walker today hounds sorted. 

Drop son off he cried race out of the childminders house on route to work forgot school holiday so easy breeze in. Bad day don’t want to talk about it banging headache 

SHIT forgot the little brothers birthday card buy another must remember to drop off on way home. 

Home sweet home no parking space great I’ll just leave the soon to be scrapped car on this blind corner with a stroke of luck someone might crash into it. 

Baby boy in bed basset boys cuddle Ron nearly bites my face chicken foot bribe and bed for them.

Is the day over yet

Husband dinner finally peace at last rubbish TV 

Husband, Hector, hounds and Harriet 

Family it’s what you make it.

Mine starts with the husband, my best buddy and my worst enemy, my team player and my opposition we have been together for 10 years he deals with a lot poor sod. He works hard totally devoted to anything that involves football, constantly breaks things and a brilliant dad. 

Our son Hector nearly 2 obsessed with cars the first word is car and his last word of the day is car with the odd tractor and Hoover thrown in there at some point. He is our miracle boy and appreciate every minute of it, the many sleepless nights, the flying head butts and bean blow offs.

Then we have the fur babies Lenny and Ronnie they are our basset hounds. The biggest mouths of the village and the biggest ears. The most challenging of us all.

Harriet ME!!

What can I say the Mrs of the Hobbs residence what do you say about yourself I’m selfish, I think of dinner when I’m eating breakfast. Collector of buttons. Big reader even bigger fantasist. Hairdresser and love all black everything.

So this is us