A simple start (Yeah right)

Do you ever have those days which just don’t get any better and you wish you never got out of bed.

Morning or was it all night we’ve been up with a teething 20 month old poor fella. Bless them why is they have to go through it they say if us as adults had to do it now we wouldn’t cope too well either hell no those wisdom teeth were brutal. 

So it’s the normal routine bot bots that nappy wrestle, 20 second shower, wearing anything that doesn’t need an iron what a surprise it’s the women in black again. Make the boys lunch that he most probably won’t eat. Make the porridge try not to get everywhere. 

Let the dogs out ( they live in the garden) give greasy stinky chicken foots for breakfast wash hands.

Over the weekend the old man dug my drive up not only is there a massive amount of rubble still remaining not only is there complete mess he also managed to slice through the phone cable to next door so thumbs up dad. So the front is out of use out the back gate we go. 

Bribe the dogs back in their house a crackabread it is today. Hector in the car and the dogs are howling, they’ve found their voice again geez it echoes through the village not something you want to hear before 8 in the morning. So do you ignore and be gone nope you face back to the garden with a massive PACK IT IN BOYS!!!! Grab anti bark collar Ronnie gonna get it he runs and hides job sorted. They are out with the dog walker today hounds sorted. 

Drop son off he cried race out of the childminders house on route to work forgot school holiday so easy breeze in. Bad day don’t want to talk about it banging headache 

SHIT forgot the little brothers birthday card buy another must remember to drop off on way home. 

Home sweet home no parking space great I’ll just leave the soon to be scrapped car on this blind corner with a stroke of luck someone might crash into it. 

Baby boy in bed basset boys cuddle Ron nearly bites my face chicken foot bribe and bed for them.

Is the day over yet

Husband dinner finally peace at last rubbish TV 


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