Husband, Hector, hounds and Harriet 

Family it’s what you make it.

Mine starts with the husband, my best buddy and my worst enemy, my team player and my opposition we have been together for 10 years he deals with a lot poor sod. He works hard totally devoted to anything that involves football, constantly breaks things and a brilliant dad. 

Our son Hector nearly 2 obsessed with cars the first word is car and his last word of the day is car with the odd tractor and Hoover thrown in there at some point. He is our miracle boy and appreciate every minute of it, the many sleepless nights, the flying head butts and bean blow offs.

Then we have the fur babies Lenny and Ronnie they are our basset hounds. The biggest mouths of the village and the biggest ears. The most challenging of us all.

Harriet ME!!

What can I say the Mrs of the Hobbs residence what do you say about yourself I’m selfish, I think of dinner when I’m eating breakfast. Collector of buttons. Big reader even bigger fantasist. Hairdresser and love all black everything.

So this is us 


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