Sad times 

Today is the day my beloved battle bus (car ) is going to the scrap yard. My car was possibly the most battered smelly tin can around but I loved it. 

I remember the day my husband bought it for me for a Xmas present, he kept moaning saying that someone was parked in his space (didn’t think anything of it there’s always parking wars) and then Xmas morning gave me a nice jewellery box with a key in it!!! Surprise!! Bless him he does good.

So after a while I gained a few scratches and dents apparently driving through lanes you shouldn’t drive in the bush and move over when a car tries to squeeze past nah you stay in the bush everyone can pass.

The best stain from the dogs all down the back seat, pregnant and emotional taking the boys to the mother in laws to look after one throws up all over the seat and the other ones trying to eat it me driving, gagging, crying it was all too much didn’t even make it to work that day. 

The exhaust was in half gear box on the blink and beeped every time you pressed the break. 

So battle bus have fun on your next adventure to the scrappy I hope you enjoy being crushed and in exchange they paid a whopping £22 for you rip xx



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