It’s started 

After my last post I thought sod it lets get cracking with this veganism so it’s day 2 and feeling positive doing plenty of research on animal free testing products and making changes got to be fully fledged VEGAN đŸ‘ŠđŸ»

Good thing about all this is finding new things today’s find was raw super seeds. Manly sunflower seeds and all sorts but fairly edible doesn’t make you gag so all good.

So it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow and the husband wants to have an Indian let’s see what I can eat for that Bombay potatoes ????


Forever trying 

Its nearly 2016 hurray another year!!

So the minds ticking again thinking of new stupid ideas that I come up with and totally annoys husband. So I’ve been trying this one for a while on and off its the hardest, going VEGAN!!!!

I’ve always been one for crazy diets you name it I’ve done it. Pills from America for fat shredding, only eating sweetcorn for months, cider vinegar tablets you name it I’ve done it. 

Going vegan its bloody hard the longest I managed was a week I struggle because I’m not used to high carb meals and I HATE FRUIT I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH so literally only get veg and beans. So come the 1st this will be me I hope there won’t be too much gas!!! Ahhhh!!!! But will give it my all.

Not only doing this for my love of animals but also health reasons too, I get bad skin nearly 30 not 13 got to stop the brake outs. Weight gain over the past year not good get back to eating clean looking lean oh yeah! 

So roll on the 1st but till then I’m eating everything in sight!!