Still going strong

So my last post it was early vegan days but now 6 months strong vegan!!!!

Not gonna lie I’m bloody proud that no little lambs,piggies, cows, ducks,chick chicks and sneaky horse meat has crossed these lips.

I see these funny posts on Instagram with quotes “hold on its been 7 seconds and haven’t told anyone I’m vegan” with man face looks like he’s fit to burst ha ha love it.

Im still not fully fledged tho I still have things in my make up bag that are from MAC eeeek but got to admit some essentials can’t be matched and when I run out its going to be a nightmare my powders are now used sparingly.

The husband is definitely not a fan of the change he hates the Eco washing liquid and comfort he says they smell worse when they come out my reply hell no nothing smells worse then your socks before a wash get a grip man and also your helping beagles keep their eye balls. The man needs meat so he says so I still have to roast a chicken on a Sunday for him so come Wednesday he has no choice to eat vegan dinners or he doesn’t get fed sneakily trying to increase these days I might start sending him picks of slaughtered animals guilt the man.

Something I will never be able to change is the hounds they eat raw meat and only raw meat but I will let them off because they are animals eating animals but I only give them chicken and turkey if I can justify any animal being brutally murdered if would sacrifice the birds I’m sorry hands up!

So the benefits I’ve found since going vegan is the weight loss the love handles have definitely gone right down skin improved but the biggest of all is TMI but I actually go to the toilet everyday sometimes twice its a miracle I only ever went once a week complete WINNER!!!!

So roll on the 1year anniversary



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